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At Stone’s, we know that your business is as unique as you are. That’s why we provide our ultimate professional security system to create a business where you and your employees can enjoy a safe environment.

ProSeries products offer flexible, professionally installed security tailored specifically for your business and employees. It alerts you to movement and potential intruders, allowing you to verify thses by video so no more false alarms from employees operating the system incorrectly. What’s more, 24/7 professional monitoring can verify alarms and alert appropriate first-responders if necessary. Put simply, no matter how big or small your world, ProSeries products help you keep it safe, wherever you are.

The ProSeries platform combines the whole family of Resideo safety products to create an environment that looks after the people inside it. From fires to floods, carbon monoxide to smoke, even medical emergencies, the system helps ensure everyone, no matter where they are in the business, knows if they need to get our quickly. So if you’re looking to help protect the things that matter most, trust a professional to bring security and safety together.

Note: Life safety devices should be used as a supplementary addition.


Secure when there’s an emergency. Invaluable when there’s not. Life can be hectic, even if you’re not worrying about an emergency. That’s why the ProSeries family doesn’t just help protect your business, it brings all you smart products together, allowing you to manage them all from one single system. ProSeries products connect your business, with dedicated touch-screen panels to control security settings, raise your temperature, adjust lights and much more. When you’re away, the Total Connect app ensures you stay in touch with your business.

Our system is designed to be flexible. Its modular design is based on a single platform, so it adapts to your business. As your needs grow, our system can grow right alongside you. Contact us today to help you find the right solution for you and your budget.

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Pro Panel

This highly scalable All-in-One panel features a powerful central hub for security and life safety that can be customized to suit your home and family. From it’s brilliant, intuitive 7″ touch-screen, you can control security settings, and much more; all with just the touch of a button.

ProPLUS Panel

All-in-one Security system serves as a central hub for security and home automation with wireless controller, WiFi communicator, microphone, speaker and built in camera. Supports wide selection of sensors and devices using SiX™ two-way, wireless technology with highly secure AES-128 encryption. Supports voice interactivity with Alexa Built-in functions
Stay up-to-date and control your system on the go with our Total Connect app. Available with Pro and ProPLUS panels. (see more below)

Secondary Keypads

Secondary Panel

Our next generation security panel provides users everything they would need in smart security control. Perfect for a second entry.

LCD Secondary Panel

This secondary security panel couples perfect with your main security panel. It’s even portable. 
Paired with your Pro or ProPLUS panel, our LCD Secondary Panel is portable and has easy to use touch screen controls.

Intrusion detectors and devices

Doors and Windows

The Wireless Door Contacts helps your home feel more secure, alerting you each time a door or window is opened.

Door/Window Contact

Wireless door contact helps your home feel more secure, alerting you each time a door or window is opened.

Motion Detectors

Motion Sensor provides reliable motion detection with passive infrared motion detection. Pet Immunity up to 80lbs.

Glass Break Sensors

The Wireless Glass Break Sensor detects when a window is broken using audio tuned the sound of glass breaking.

Shock Sensor

Shock detection when a door or window is forcibly struck. Can also detect door and window opens.

Video Motion Viewer

With intelligent motion detection,  you’ll  only get notified to movement with a 10 second video clip.

Exterior Siren

Wireless siren and strobe for additional alert notifications. Make your home easier to find with outdoor notifications.

Indoor Siren

Wireless siren and strobe for additional alert notifications. Great for larger homes or businesses.

ProSeries Key Fob

Easily disarm your security system prior to entry up to 200′ from your home or business.

Life Safety devices

Smoke Detector

Smoke detector with advanced levels of detection. Reduces common cooking nuisance alarms and faster detection

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Both odorless and tasteless, Carbon Monoxide is know as the silent killer. There should be at least one CO detector floor.

Smoke, CO and Heat Detector

A true 3-in 1 detector, this combo device can alert on the presence of smoke, excessive heat, and carbon monoxide.

Heat Detector

Detects for temperatures above 135 degrees as well as a Rate-of-Rise of more than 15 degrees per minute

Personal Panic Transmitter

Allows a person to request emergency assistance in the event of a situation with the push of a button.

Personal Medical Transmitter

Allows a person to request medical assistance in the event of medical situation with the push of a button.

Environmental devices

Flood Detector

Comes with detachable probe for detecting water and leaks then sends an alert within 15 seconds of detection.

Sump Pump Failure Sensor

Detects when your sump pump should have discharged water but failed to do so.

High/Low Temp. Sensor

Detects unusually high (95 *) or low (45*) temperatures and sends and alert signal to the panel.

WiFi Video Solutions

Indoor Wi-Fi Video Camera

This indoor camera supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and delivers 1080P quality and audio.

Outdoor Wi-Fi Video Camera

This outdoor camera supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and brings a field of view of 117 degrees in full high definition.

Video Doorbell

This slim video doorbell provides 1080P viewing and 720P recordings and can send motion notifications

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