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When it comes to looking after the things we love, we all want simple, reliable ways to keep our homes safe. But unfortunately, ‘simplest’ doesn’t always mean ‘safest’. The ProSeries platform combines the whole family of Resideo safety products to create a home that looks after the people inside it. From fires to floods, carbon monoxide to smoke — even medical emergencies — the system helps ensure everyone, no matter where they are in the house, knows if they need to get out quickly. And it’s built and installed by home safety experts — no more guesswork with overcomplicated ‘do-it-yourself’ systems.

So if you’re looking to protect the things that matter most, trust a professional to bring security and safety together.

Our Life Safety Line Up


Carbon Monoxide

Smoke/Carbon Combo


Panic Alert

Life Safety

As a homeowner, nothing matters more than protecting your home and the people inside it. If danger is detected an alert is sent immediately to our monitoring station to get the urgent help you need.

Features and Benefits:

One-Go-All-Go feature – when enabled, if one sensor detects danger and begins to sound, every sensor in you home will sound and select life-safety sensors. 
Automatic alerts to first responders on all monitored sensors.
Audible, visible and verbal alerts.

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