Security Systems

The Honeywell Lyric Controller

Honeywell’s next-generation security and home controller puts your home at your fingertips—all from one vibrant 7″ touchscreen. The Lyric Controller is intuitive, easy to learn and easy to use, whether you’re controlling security, thermostats, cameras, lights or locks with a tap on the touchscreen or the sound of your voice. Featuring a sleek, low-profile design and stunning high-resolution graphics, it looks great on walls or tabletops.

The Lyric Controller responds to simple voice commands, letting you enjoy convenient, hands-free home control. Simply say “Hello, Lyric” to bring it to life. Your mornings can run more smoothly by saying “Wake Up” and having your heat turned up to the perfect temperature. Ready to turn in? Just say “Bedtime” to arm your security system, turn off the lights, lock the doors and set back your thermostats. Say hello to convenience.

The Lyric Controller has a built-in camera that can send you a picture when the system is disarmed, making it a snap to stay in the know. See when your child gets home from school and know exactly when the babysitter or dog walker arrives—any time, anywhere, on any smart device.

Who says you can’t be everywhere at once? View live video on the go and see what happens the instant it happens on your smartphone or tablet. Whether you want to peek in on your pets, check up on your parents, keep up with your kids or just keep them close, Lyric puts peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

Real-Time Video Alerts: Customize alerts by time, day or motion detection so you only see what you want to see. Know if a delivery arrives, view who comes and goes and see what’s going on when you’re not there.

Camera Viewing: View up to four indoor or outdoor cameras at a time right on the Lyric Controller. Or, look in on six cameras via mobile devices—a great way to keep an eye on your family and home wherever the day takes you.

The Honeywell Gateway

You don’t operate on a fixed schedule. Why should your home? Ideal for today’s mobile, on-the-go lifestyles, Lyric is designed for how you really live—with a wireless connected platform that makes your home safer, smarter and more enjoyable. Individually, each product performs brilliantly. Together, they’re a way to orchestrate life. No schedules, no programming, and no complex menus—simply security and comfort when you’re home, and savings when you’re away. Welcome to your connected home.

With Lyric Gateway, you can enjoy easy, affordable, automatic control of security, garage doors, locks, lights, thermostats and more—without having to remember to do them. Or, just control things from your everyday mobile devices or a sleek, easy-to-use interface whenever you want. The only limitation is your imagination.

Lyric works with sensors featuring Honeywell SiX™ two-way wireless technology. The encrypted devices enhance the effectiveness of your security system while providing you with complete, whole-house protection. Stylish and unassuming, they preserve the beauty of your home while protecting it.

Lyric turns your smartphone into a smart home—whether you’re across the street or across the world. Enjoy easy, app-based control of security, thermostats, lights, locks, garage doors, cameras and more, and get iOS push notifications and real-time text, email and video alerts when important events occur. It’s the smartest way to stay connected.

Lyric can bring your home to life, with custom solutions that work with your lifestyle and budget and grow with your changing needs. With mobile lifestyles on the rise, smart technology may add resale value to your home. Savings, Comfort and Control. Lyric makes it easy to automate scenes for energy savings, comfort and security. Leaving for the day? Your lights can go off, the garage door can lock and the thermostat can adjust itself to a more economical setting. Unlock the front door for the babysitter or dog walker at the same time every week, have the lights turn up as the sun goes down and always enter a comfortable, well-lit home.