We lived in California and had a home system there. When we moved back here, I thought, ‘Nobody needs automation or security in North Dakota!’ But we’re in the insurance business, and we see firsthand how valuable these systems can be. That’s why we contacted Stone’s. I love the peace of mind that this system provides.– Lori Fenley, Grand Forks, ND

Lori and Randy Fenley live in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Together, they operate a thriving insurance agency. They have an adult son and love to travel, but dealing with insurance on a day-to-day basis has taught them that even their beloved house in its quiet neighborhood is not beyond the reach of trouble.

Not only did they want to feel confident that their sump pump was working and their house was secure, they wanted to be able to control their thermostat and unlock their doors for family members – even if they weren’t home. They knew Stone’s could help, so that’s who they called.

We can control the entire security system – including the thermostat – via our smartphones. When we were in Hawaii and my parents needed to stay at my house, I was able to remotely disarm the security system and unlock the doors to let them in, then reset it all after they had gone. That was much easier for them – and for me as well. – Lori Fenley, Grand Forks, ND

The Fenleys’ experience with large national home security/automation companies had not been positive. In their previous home in California, they were burglarized just days after their new system was installed. It turned out to be an inside job, and it taught them a lesson about how important relationships can be with smart home technology. Their experience with Stone’s could not have been more different. Installation went smoothly thanks to the wireless technology employed by Stone’s, and now Lori and Randy can verify and control their home’s climate and security from virtually anywhere using their smartphones. Their integrated Honeywell system includes motion sensors, electronic door locks, garage door monitors, a sump pump alarm, carbon monoxide detectors and smart thermostat controls. Any problems result in a call to the Fenleys, a monitoring company, and, if the circumstances warrant it, the authorities. “We wanted a system that was flexible and could be expanded,” says Lori Fenley. “The Honeywell system we have delivers just that, and the installation and service that Stone’s has provided could not be friendlier or more professional.”