I would like to thank Chris Walsh and Stone’s Security Systems of Grand Forks.  With all of the break ins happening in the Grand Forks area, my wife and I have been talking about a security system for a long time.

She didn’t want to have someone break in and steal or hurt our 8 month old Golden Retriever! I finally stopped by Stone’s Security on 47th Ave S and talked to Chris.

You see a lot of security companies advertising on TV, internet and the newspaper. I decided I wanted to talk to a local company that I could ask as many questions to as I needed to so I could understand exactly what my system could do.

Chris was great to work with and believe me, I called and emailed him several times with questions. He even responded on the weekends. This installer was also very friendly and went over a lot of things after the installation but you really don’t understand things until you use the system.

What’s nice is you can start with a basic system to keep the initial cost down and add additional security features when you decide to do so.  Like Chris told me, I could make your home like Fort Knox if I wanted to go that way.

I highly recommend Stone’s Security Systems for all of your security needs. Thank you!